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Who can instruct Customised Provision?

You can register your own instructors with Lantra Awards or you can use an instructor from Lantra Awards existing network, utilising the expertise we have within the industry.  Instructors who are not already registered with Lantra Awards must comply with the criteria below:

• Instructional techniques qualification/training
• Technical knowledge and expertise
• Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate (completed through a HSE registered centre)

What type of certification will Customised Provision learners receive?

Lantra Awards offers a certificate of attendance or certificate of training, depending if the content includes a learner assessment. Lantra Awards is also able to offer skills cards in conjunction to certification.

What is Customised Provision?

The opportunity to develop Customised Provision is designed to enable training providers, colleges and employers to access Lantra Awards accredited certification for your bespoke training and/or assessment.  It is aimed primarily at those delivering local training and education to a specific target group.  It is administered by you, the provider, and can be run on an unlimited number of occasions.  Any materials that support the provision are held and distributed by you.

How do I register my company on the Schedule of Suppliers?

Click here or go back onto the main Schedule of Suppliers page and on the left hand side of the screen select 'Get on the Schedule of Suppliers'.

What information do I need to fill in when registering on the Schedule of Suppliers?

Firstly you need to select 'Register' in the top-right hand corner of website. You will then need to provide the following information on the registration form:

  • Your name and a contact email address

  • Company Address

  • You will also need to tick the box to add your business to the Schedule of suppliers.

  • Click Registered

Once you have clicked register you will be taken to a page called ‘My Profile’:

  • Select Schedule of Suppliers from the list on the left hand side of the page

You can then insert the following information

  • Business name, summary and description.

  • How many employees you have

  • Your business contact details and a contact name within your company

  • You will need to tick the NHSS Sector Schemes that you company is registered to and which certification body registers you

  • You can also tick which areas in the country you cover (there is a map to help you)

  • The final thing that you need to do is to upload a PDF of your current ISO certificates for the Sector Schemes you are registered for.

Now select Save and submit for approval.

This will then be sent to us and, as long as you have filled in your company details and provided the ISO certificates, we will publish your companies details on the Schedule of Suppliers.

How much will it cost to register on the Schedule of Suppliers?

Nothing – registering your company on the website is free of charge.

How do I change my company information on the Schedule of Suppliers?

You need to login using your user name and password. You would have created this when you first registered. If you can’t remember it email us or call on 0845 707 8007.

How do I search for a company on the Schedule of Suppliers?

Do you know the company name?

If yes:

  • Insert the company name in the top left hand box and click search

  • This will provide you with a list of all the companies with that name that have registered

If no:

  • Do you know the Scheme that the company is registered to?

  • Select the Scheme from the list

  • Click on search

  • This will provide you with a list of all companies registered to that specific Scheme

How do I find a list of companies for a specific Sector Scheme on the Schedule of Suppliers?

Select the tick boxes next to the relevant Sector Schemes on the first page of the Schedule of Suppliers website and click on the box marked Search:

This will then provide you a list of companies that are registered for that Scheme. You can also search on multiple Schemes if you need a company that covers more than 1 area.

How do I find all the companies registered to a certification body on the Schedule of Suppliers?

Select 'More Options' at the bottom of the grey box on the Schedule of Suppliers website page. Select the tick box by the certification body that you require and click search. This will provide a list of all the companies accredited by a specific certification body. You can refine your search by selecting the Sector Scheme that you require and/or areas within the country that you require.