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Can Lantra Awards accredit and certificate our in-house courses?

Lantra Awards offers customised awarding which means that you can write your own course and we will accredit and certificate it once it meets our criteria. For more information and prices please see our website or contact Lantra Awards.

Can my card be withdrawn?

The card remains the property of CSCS. The card is issued to and should be kept by the named cardholder. Construction Skills Certification Scheme reserves the right to withdraw a card.

Can we accept emailed candidate photographs?

We can only accept photographs from training providers or centres in the correct size and format. They should be emailed in JPEG format, the email should preferably be no larger 1 megabyte. The electronic photo files should be individually named to correspond with the registrations received from providers/centres by post to uniquely identify each candidate.

Please note that there may be an automatic email firewall response due to the large amount of skin colouration on the photo/s. In this situation the customer email will be quarantined before being passed on by IT

Do I get a Lantra Awards Skills Identity Card for an Attendance course?

No, Lantra cards are only issued for Integrated Training and Assessment (ITA) courses & only if the candidate has sent in a photo.

Do Lantra Awards notify instructors/providers of visits?

TSVs will normally notify the instructor that a visit will take place. The provider is also notified as a matter of courtesy. Notification may on occasion be at short notice for the reasons outlined above. However, in order for Lantra Awards to ensure that its QA system operates as required, notification is not always given.

Has the Quality Assurance system changed?

No, but there is a new team who are ensuring that the QA system in place is implemented. In order to do this a nationally spread team of 23 Technical Standards Verifiers (TSVs) have been contracted and the organisation of visits to instructors has been bought in-house. The new team became operational on 1 March 2007.

How are visits organised?

The organisation of these visits is a lengthy process for both the QA team and the TSVs. Basically the QA team must match an available TSV to an instructor delivering a course in their skill area within a given region. Due to the course booking nature within Lantra Awards this may happen at short notice.

How can I assist Lantra Awards in ensuring that visits go smoothly?

We appreciate the co-operation of the instructor and provider network in implementing the QA system. Providers can help in allowing these visits to run smoothly by giving as much detail as possible when placing orders so that sites can be found easily without too much disruption to the provider and instructor. Please remember that it is essential that the relevant sections of the booking form are completed in accordance with HSE regulations and the Lantra Awards code of practice.

How do I complain or appeal against decisions?

If there is a dispute, the matter should be referred in writing to Lantra. Disputes that Lantra cannot resolve will be referred to the FISS/CSCS Committee, whose decision shall be final.

How do I renew my card?

Cards must be renewed before the expiry date. At six months before the expiry date of the card, CSCS will contact card holders as a reminder to renew. To renew, card holders must apply providing evidence for each card as shown in section 9.

There is a six month period of grace after the FISS CSCS card has expired for the holder to renew it. After this time the cardholder ceases to be a member of the scheme. To be re-admitted to the scheme the applicant must re-apply.

Under exceptional circumstances only an appeal be made. All appeals should be made in writing directly to the Chair of the FISS CSCS committee at Lantra.