First Aid


First Aid Training and Qualifications

Taking a first aid course can be one of the best things you do. After one of these courses, you’ll not only be able to prevent accidents happening, but you’ll know exactly what to do in an emergency.
Because first aid is so important, it can be applied to any situation, in any industry. We’ve developed this training using our extensive experience and shaped it with our industry knowledge so you get the training that’s most relevant and useful for you.
Our first aid courses cover:

  • First aid at work - giving you the skills you need to handle accidents, injuries and other situations at work

  • Emergency first aid - teaching you the vital skills you need when in an emergency situation, delivering vital first aid and even saving lives

Refresher training is also available in most areas to help you keep up-to-date.

Who is our Training Suitable For?

In a word - everyone.

There isn’t a person out there who wouldn’t benefit from our first aid training. The swift and skilled delivery of first aid in any situation can save lives.

Why You Need Training

While most accidents you face will be minor, it’s still important to know what to do in all situations. Developing your first aid training will allow you to provide a range of treatments in a number of different environments.

What Lantra Awards First Aid Training Can Offer You

Our training arms you with the knowledge and skill needed to take care of people who are hurt. Your actions in these situations can have massive consequences saving life, limb, sight or anything else.

Once you’re fully trained, you can become a first aider at work. You will be fully qualified to handle accidents and injury in the first instance, delivering first aid until the paramedics arrive.

And what sets us apart is not only our over 40 years experience in developing training, but the fact that all our courses are delivered by our exclusive network of training providers. These providers have been approved by us so you can be sure you will get the course you deserve delivered by experienced and qualified instructors.

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